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Fayette Co., PA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Susan B.  2 Jan 1826Fayette Co., PA I35428 Vance family 
2 BEEMAN, Mary  1830Fayette Co., PA I18990 Vance family 
3 BRYSON, Elizabeth  10 Mar 1831Fayette Co., PA I18802 Vance family 
4 GRIFFITH, William Vance  Abt Mar 1832Fayette Co., PA I18525 Vance family 
5 HATFIELD, Elias  1829Fayette Co., PA I18989 Vance family 
6 HATFIELD, Minton  1835Fayette Co., PA I18995 Vance family 
7 HATFIELD, Rebecca  1839Fayette Co., PA I18996 Vance family 
8 HATFIELD, Samuel  6 Dec 1797Fayette Co., PA I18677 Vance family 
9 HATFIELD, Samuel  1833Fayette Co., PA I18994 Vance family 
10 HATFIELD, William  1826Fayette Co., PA I18988 Vance family 
11 McCONNAUGHEY, James  17 May 1822Fayette Co., PA I18463 Vance family 
12 McCONNAUGHEY, John  18 Sep 1817Fayette Co., PA I18459 Vance family 
13 SPROUT, Nancy  1800Fayette Co., PA I37005 Vance family 
14 TILTON, E.  1826Fayette Co., PA I19090 Vance family 
15 VANCE, Abraham B.  Abt 1828Fayette Co., PA I18578 Vance family 
16 VANCE, Albert  Mar 1856Fayette Co., PA I19056 Vance family 
17 VANCE, Anna  19 Apr 1805Fayette Co., PA I18441 Vance family 
18 VANCE, Comfort  2 Oct 1812Fayette Co., PA I18454 Vance family 
19 VANCE, Cyrus  15 Oct 1807Fayette Co., PA I13547 Vance family 
20 VANCE, Rev. Davis  24 Aug 1819Fayette Co., PA I18449 Vance family 
21 VANCE, Elizabeth Ann  2 Jun 1831Fayette Co., PA I18259 Vance family 
22 VANCE, George S.  27 Sep 1831Fayette Co., PA I25844 Vance family 
23 VANCE, Hannah  Abt 1832Fayette Co., PA I18694 Vance family 
24 VANCE, Isaac  7 Sep 1801Fayette Co., PA I18438 Vance family 
25 VANCE, Isaac Jr.  14 Nov 1832Fayette Co., PA I18581 Vance family 
26 VANCE, Isaac W.  Abt 1830Fayette Co., PA I18258 Vance family 
27 VANCE, Jacob  19 Sep 1806Fayette Co., PA I18443 Vance family 
28 VANCE, Jacob  2 Jan 1830Fayette Co., PA I18693 Vance family 
29 VANCE, Jacob J  6 Oct 1809Fayette Co., PA I20810 Vance family 
30 VANCE, Jane Rachel  13 Apr 1835Fayette Co., PA I18261 Vance family 
31 VANCE, John  11 Jan 1797Fayette Co., PA I14 Vance family 
32 VANCE, John Carlton  2 Apr 1865Fayette Co., PA I11500 Vance family 
33 VANCE, John T.  Abt 1791Fayette Co., PA I39071 Vance family 
34 VANCE, John T.  4 Dec 1834Fayette Co., PA I18582 Vance family 
35 VANCE, Lemuel K.  1822Fayette Co., PA I354 Vance family 
36 VANCE, Louisa  21 Jul 1824Fayette Co., PA I18456 Vance family 
37 VANCE, Louisa  1841Fayette Co., PA I18697 Vance family 
38 VANCE, Margaret  10 Jan 1827Fayette Co., PA I18452 Vance family 
39 VANCE, Mary  4 Mar 1831Fayette Co., PA I18580 Vance family 
40 VANCE, Mehatable  29 Jul 1820Fayette Co., PA I18453 Vance family 
41 VANCE, Moses  23 May 1773Fayette Co., PA I12 Vance family 
42 VANCE, Oliver F  25 Aug 1883Fayette Co., PA I7151 Vance family 
43 VANCE, Rachel  2 Aug 1809Fayette Co., PA I18455 Vance family 
44 VANCE, Rachel Ann  10 Sep 1829Fayette Co., PA I18579 Vance family 
45 VANCE, Rebecca  11 Dec 1802Fayette Co., PA I18439 Vance family 
46 VANCE, Rebecca D.  23 Mar 1863Fayette Co., PA I18736 Vance family 
47 VANCE, Rose Ann  30 May 1823Fayette Co., PA I8315 Vance family 
48 VANCE, Ruth S.  10 Jan 1828Fayette Co., PA I18450 Vance family 
49 VANCE, Samuel  21 Feb 1816Fayette Co., PA I8316 Vance family 
50 VANCE, Samuel C.  Abt 1838Fayette Co., PA I18262 Vance family 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 HATFIELD, Samuel  25 Aug 1877Fayette Co., PA I18677 Vance family 
2 TURNER, William  10 Sep 1903Fayette Co., PA I13641 Vance family 
3 VANCE, Agnes  1914Fayette Co., PA I17095 Vance family 
4 VANCE, George S.  26 Sep 1881Fayette Co., PA I25844 Vance family 
5 VANCE, Jacob  4 Nov 1883Fayette Co., PA I6414 Vance family 
6 VANCE, Samuel  4 Oct 1885Fayette Co., PA I37004 Vance family 
7 VANCE, Thomas  Abt 1817Fayette Co., PA I18421 Vance family 
8 VANCE, Thomas  4 Apr 1888Fayette Co., PA I10980 Vance family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 VANCE, Samuel  Fayette Co., PA I37004 Vance family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 MINTUN, Rachel  Aft 27 Jan 1783Fayette Co., PA I353 Vance family 
2 VANCE, William  Abt Nov 1811Fayette Co., PA I352 Vance family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 VANCE, Agnes  Apr 1847Fayette Co., PA I17095 Vance family 
2 VANCE, Benjamin Brown  13 Nov 1836Fayette Co., PA I35022 Vance family 
3 VANCE, Charles  1879Fayette Co., PA I7155 Vance family 
4 VANCE, Jane  1837Fayette Co., PA I17090 Vance family 
5 VANCE, Lemuel K.  21 Nov 1822Fayette Co., PA I354 Vance family 
6 VANCE, Mintun J.  9 Apr 1816Fayette Co., PA I358 Vance family 
7 VANCE, Rachel  Nov 1836Fayette Co., PA I17089 Vance family 
8 VANCE, Sarah Ann  1845Fayette Co., PA I17094 Vance family 
9 VANCE, Thomas  1 Feb 1804Fayette Co., PA I10980 Vance family 
10 VANCE, Thomas W.  Aug 1849Fayette Co., PA I17096 Vance family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 VANCE, Hugh  1827Fayette Co., PA I7113 Vance family 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 VANCE / MINTUN  6 Oct 1800Fayette Co., PA F213 Vance family 
2 VANCE / TEDRICH  Fayette Co., PA F2517 Vance family 
3 VANCE / WYNNE  Abt 1829Fayette Co., PA F13479 Vance family 

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