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Thornbury, Gloucestershire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BEARD, Elizabeth  Abt 1799Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31134 Vans family 
2 BEARD, John  Abt 1797Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31136 Vans family 
3 BEARD, Mary  13 Dec 1801Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31138 Vans family 
4 BEARD, Stephen  4 Feb 1767Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31139 Vans family 
5 HACKER, Charles  4 Jan 1893Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31465 Vans family 
6 JONES, Sarah  Abt 1794Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31669 Vans family 
7 PREWETT, Noah  1843Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32018 Vans family 
8 RIDDLE, Abraham  3 Mar 1816Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32082 Vans family 
9 RIDDLE, Frank  1902Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32095 Vans family 
10 RIDDLE, Herbert  1 May 1877Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32098 Vans family 
11 RIDDLE, Walter Henry  3 Dec 1900Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32112 Vans family 
12 RYMER, James  Abt 1794Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31072 Vans family 
13 SANIGER, Susannah  1848Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32131 Vans family 
14 TAYLOR, Ellen  Abt 1832Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31071 Vans family 
15 TAYLOR, Hannah Thomas  22 Mar 1799Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32898 Vans family 
16 TAYLOR, Joseph  13 Jul 1764Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32897 Vans family 
17 TAYLOR, Mapson Thomas  6 Jan 1793Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32901 Vans family 
18 TAYLOR, William Thomas  2 Jul 1796Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32900 Vans family 
19 VIRGO, Elizabeth  9 Mar 1800Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32321 Vans family 
20 VIRGO, John  8 Oct 1796Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32322 Vans family 
21 WERRETT, Charles  1879Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32367 Vans family 
22 WERRETT, Elizabeth  1840Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32371 Vans family 
23 WERRETT, Elizabeth  1844Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32372 Vans family 
24 WERRETT, George  1880Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32375 Vans family 
25 WERRETT, Virtue  Mar 1843Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32396 Vans family 
26 WERRETT, William  16 Mar 1807Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32399 Vans family 
27 WERRETT, William  1835Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32398 Vans family 
28 WHERRETT, Elizabeth  20 Dec 1843Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32467 Vans family 
29 WHERRETT, Hannah  20 Apr 1803Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32514 Vans family 
30 WHERRETT, Hannah  Mar 1838Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32512 Vans family 
31 WHERRETT, Mary  20 Jan 1801Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32603 Vans family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BEARD, Mary  Apr 1810Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31138 Vans family 
2 BEARD, Stephen  Feb 1805Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31139 Vans family 
3 CHAPPELL, Sarah  Jun qu 1889Thornbury, Gloucestershire I37367 Vans family 
4 EVANS, Celia  1877Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31349 Vans family 
5 GULWELL, William  Dec qu 1885Thornbury, Gloucestershire I37366 Vans family 
6 JAMES, William  1871Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31645 Vans family 
7 MAY, William  1912Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31832 Vans family 
8 PEARCE, Florence Beatrice  28 Aug 1939Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31982 Vans family 
9 PICK, Alphonso  1910Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31991 Vans family 
10 RIDDLE, Herbert  25 Jun 1877Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32098 Vans family 
11 RIDDLE, Mary  1845Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32102 Vans family 
12 RIDDLE, Michael John  29 Nov 2007Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32105 Vans family 
13 RIDDLE, Walter Henry  11 Jun 1979Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32112 Vans family 
14 SANIGER, Susannah  1899Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32131 Vans family 
15 VIRGO, Elizabeth  1883Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32321 Vans family 
16 WERRETT, Charles  1879Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32367 Vans family 
17 WERRETT, Charles  1895Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32368 Vans family 
18 WERRETT, George  1880Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32375 Vans family 
19 WHERRETT, Hannah  2 Jul 1904Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32512 Vans family 
20 WHERRETT, Mary  Jun 1901Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32606 Vans family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 TAYLOR, John  Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32902 Vans family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 BEARD, Elizabeth  1799Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31134 Vans family 
2 BEARD, George  10 Mar 1799Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31135 Vans family 
3 BEARD, Mary  17 Jan 1802Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31138 Vans family 
4 BEARD, Stephen  4 Mar 1767Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31139 Vans family 
5 BEARD, William  28 Feb 1796Thornbury, Gloucestershire I31140 Vans family 
6 TAYLOR, Hannah Thomas  28 Apr 1799Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32898 Vans family 
7 TAYLOR, Joseph  16 Jan 1765Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32897 Vans family 
8 VIRGO, John  6 Nov 1797Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32322 Vans family 
9 WERRETT, George  20 Jun 1811Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32376 Vans family 
10 WERRETT, William  24 May 1807Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32399 Vans family 
11 WHERRETT, Hannah  22 May 1803Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32514 Vans family 
12 WHERRETT, Mary  8 Feb 1801Thornbury, Gloucestershire I32603 Vans family 


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BEARD / JONES  24 Jun 1852Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21182 Vans family 
2 BEARD / WHERRETT  1 May 1794Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21180 Vans family 
3 BOURTON / MAY  1918Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21197 Vans family 
4 Brown / MAY  1909Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21211 Vans family 
5 BUCKINGHAM / RIDDLE  1900Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21214 Vans family 
6 COVENTRY / WHERRETT  9 Oct 1806Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21276 Vans family 
7 HACKER / JAMES  1889Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21392 Vans family 
8 JAMES / VIRGO  9 May 1825Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21473 Vans family 
9 MAY / RIDDLE  1881Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21554 Vans family 
10 POOLE / JAMES  1888Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21472 Vans family 
11 PREWETT / WERRETT  1871Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21617 Vans family 
12 RIDDLE / BENNETT  16 Feb 1871Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21185 Vans family 
13 RIDDLE / NELMES  19 Oct 1897Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21583 Vans family 
14 RIDDLE / PEARCE  11 Jun 1929Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21604 Vans family 
15 RIDDLE / WERRETT  2 Apr 1843Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21638 Vans family 
16 RIDDLE / WILLIAMS  1895Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21643 Vans family 
17 RYMER / LOVELACE  22 Oct 1792Thornbury, Gloucestershire F22417 Vans family 
18 RYMER / TAYLOR  Jun qu 1853Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21136 Vans family 
19 SAVERY / TAYLOR  1819Thornbury, Gloucestershire F22444 Vans family 
20 TAYLOR / THOMAS  Apr 1792Thornbury, Gloucestershire F22443 Vans family 
21 VIRGO / WHERRETT  18 Aug 1796Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21706 Vans family 
22 WERRETT / BALL  5 Jun 1842Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21164 Vans family 
23 WERRETT / EVANS  3 Oct 1831Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21323 Vans family 
24 WERRETT / SANIGER  1877Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21652 Vans family 
25 WHERRETT / FISHER  13 Apr 1800Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21335 Vans family 
26 WHERRETT / WHERRETT  5 Oct 1840Thornbury, Gloucestershire F21722 Vans family 
27 WOODWARD / GULWELL  1863Thornbury, Gloucestershire F22409 Vans family 

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