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The archive is administered by Jamie Vans of Barnbarroch, the current and twenty-third of that title. It contains photographs, diaries, paintings letters and other documents collected by members of the Vans family and their relatives in the course of their busy and varied lives. If I can ever find the time I plan to compile a full catalogue of the objects in the collection. In the meantime many items are available for study and in time I intend to publish documents on the web either as text or in facsimile.
There are two genealogical databases, both of which include variants of the Vans name such as Vanns, Vanse, Vas, Vass, Vaus, Vauss, Vause, Waus, Wauss and Vance. These are now at a new location with a more effective search engine so it is possible to search both databases at once, or to choose one or the other.                    
  1. The Vans tree of more than 33,000 names, essentially my own ancestors and people with a proven relationship to me
  2. The Vance tree intended to clarify the origins of the Irish, American and other overseas Vances contains more than 25,000 Vances
  1. Vances, please also visit the DNA results page at https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/vance/about/results.
I am always happy to hear from anyone who is interested in an exchange of information about the family.
Best wishes to all the family,
Jamie Vans of Barnbarroch
12 February, 2021
Cardiff, Wales.
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