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101 !Name shown as Annie on 1880 Census. Her parents are Robert Brooks and Maria Spinks Stanley Buried in the plot with John Richards Howard, her sister's husband. BROOKS, Anna Maria (I16841)
102 !Never married. AFN reports his birth date as 1888 in Bingham Canyon, Salt Lake, Utah, Source Royce reports D OB as 3/1/1888 in Park City. He went deaf while working in the Bringham mine from blasting noise. He liked to walk everywh ere after moving to Salt Lake City, and one night while walking home, he was hit by a car du e to his deafness. Source Dickinson reports DOD and burial as 1944 Mt Olivet Cemetery WELLS, Robert Fredrick (I16848)
103 !Prob the same Wm bp at Harewood only five miles north of Leeds, as Bickerdike very rare name; prob siblings bp there from 8 Mar 1690 to 8 Jan 1702 BICKERDIKE, William (I30205)
104 !Relative - Charles John Gibson The AFN reports his birth at 1886 in Bingham Canyon, Salt Lake, Utah Mount Olivet Cemetery, grave R 115 1 WELLS, William Hyrum (I16828)
105 !Removed to Tucker Co., WV (Morton Pg 309) VANCE, Jesse Miles (I11004)
106 !Resided in Forest, WA in 1928. He is mentioned in family letters
and named in James Alberts war records as a brother.[white.FTW] 
WOOD, Marquis Delafayette (I32757)
107 !Scudamore/Skidmore Genealogy (first Edition CD 1998, Pg 231-232) SKIDMORE, Anna (I11008)
108 !she d ae 32 shortly after giving birth on 20 Oct 1823 to twins; she has a memorial at St Helen's, Ashby-de-la-Zouch GAUDIN, Emma Euphemia (I30167)
109 !She died ae 33 after birth of twins Hastings and Rawdon; she appears on a family memorial in Old Church, Glasgow; eldest child; marriage Edinburgh Parish Register 685 1/49 McCULLOCH, Mary Isabella (I30169)
110 !She married 1st abt 1880 Paschal H. Van Cleef with issue; Death: Certification of Death, State of New York, District No. 5951, Registration 21, filed 21 April 1929. Her full certificate gives her date of birth as 24 Jul 1862 and that she spent 55 years in USA ie she must have moved from Canada when aged eleven. PRENDERGAST, Jessie Isabella (I30194)
111 !She married her cousin; funeral entry Lyon Office,Edinburgh COUNTESS OF DUMFRIES, Penelope Crichton (I30173)
112 !She was of 6, Park Place, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire; place of burial not yet discovered BENSLEY, Emily Rose (I15028)
113 !Skidmore, Pg 422 thru 424, family#318 SKIDMORE, John L. (I11009)
114 !Source Dickinson reports the date as 24 April 1892 Source Dickinson reports death as 30 May 1973 in SLC. Buried next to her mother at Mt Olivet Cemetery. Source Dickinson reports burial in June ~From Betty Parker: I wanted you to know tht Im in touch with Lillian Wells granddaughter she went out of town f or the weekend and she will get back to me with the info she has and I will pass it on. I kn ow Cleo Josephine Andrews has 5 children and Wanda Andrews had one daughter Virginia McDonal d and she passed away 3 years ago and she has 3 daughters born in Hawaii and I will get wha t info I can. Thanks Dick for all the funny jokes it lifts my spirits.Have a wonderful day-- ---Betty WELLS, Lillian May (I16858)
115 !SOURCE: Thomas Skidmore, family #141 VANCE, Elizabeth (I10984)
116 !Sub Lt 12 Feb 1870, Lt 17 Feb 1874, Cmdr 27 Sep 1884; emigrated British Columbia, Canada; died unm England HATHORN, Comdr William Crichton Stuart RN (I14297)
117 !there is on the IGI an Ada Alice Roach born 17 Jan 1889 at Lockhart, Caldwell, Texas, who mi ght be the right person, need to check though.... ROACH, Ada Alice (I16847)
118 !Thomas Skidmore Pg 231 family #141 !MARRIAGE: By Robert Maxwell (Maxwell Pg 211) SKIDMORE, Abraham (I10985)
119 !Twin Brother is Hyrum Wells. Fraternal twins based upon a letter from Annie Baldwin to he r mother commenting on how much Joseph and Hyrum look alike, not on how hard it is to tell th em apart. Unknown if the use of the middle name Fell is assumed or given. Death Certificate for Annie T . Baldwin shows his name as Joseph F. Wells. Original birth record does not show a middle ini tial or name. Resided: Bradford, Yorkshire, England, then Salt Lake City, Utah , the n Park City, Utah, then Richfield, Utah . Moved to Chicago i n 1891. !From a letter written by Annie Baldwin Wells to her mother on 4/23/1890, Joe has a sister w ho married a Gibson , had 6 children, one that just died, and lives 4 miles down th e road from them in Park City, Utah. Which sister is un-identified. This should be Mary Ann . From the IGI, a Charles John Gibson is shown as a relative to William Hyrum Wells at his birt h in 1883. !Birth Certificate shows his Name as Joseph Wells, born at 1:45 AM on 3/29/1854 at home, 21 N orth Street, Bradford. !Also incorrectly reported as 3/29/1855. !A handwritten note in an old ledger book states "Joseph F Wells Born in Bradford Yorkshir e - Eng - Mar 29 - 1854 11-45 PM" This is incorrect.. !Died 10/21 or 10/22 1912. Cause of death was a Stroke . Cemetery records report ca use of death was a Hemmorage on 10/20/1912. !From Annie Baldwin Wells journal, he "dropped dead in the bath room" on 10/21. !From the church bulletin, he died the morning of Oct. 21. Funeral was at the home on 10/22 i n the evening, then his body was shipped to Galena. !From a letter to her sister on Oct 26, he had gotten u p to go to the toilet between 8:30 and 9 AM, all was well. She went down stairs and heard a d oor slam closed. Returned upstairs and tried to open the bath room door. Could open only a l ittle, and saw him lying on the floor. Message from source Royce says this actually a Confirmation. Greenwood Cemetery, Lot #81, Plot #4, E 1/2 SW 1/4 of Section 13, Township #28, North Range 1 , west of 4th Principle Meridian. The name on cemetery records is Joseph Wells. They show burial on 10/23/1912.. !Departed from Bradford to Plymouth, boarded the Monarch of the Sea at Liverpool. Ship lef t on 4/28/1864, with 974 Mormon's aboard, arriving New York on 6/3/1864, after 36 days at sea . Departed from New York to Wyoming, Nebraska where the Mormon Wagon Train s were assembled for the trip to Salt Lake City. Left Wyoming, Nebraska in the John R. Murdo ck company on 6/29/1864. The Wagon Company contained 78 people. Arrived in Salt Lake City o n 8/26/1864. !The ships roster shows the following Wells aboard: Alfred, Louis, Henrietta, Hyrum, Joseph , George, Mary Ann, and William. The entry for Louis Wells is beleived not to be part of th e family, as their Louis remained in England. This Louis did not appear on the Wagon Train R osters. !The Wagon Train Journal History roster shows the following Wells, as a family: William , Henrietta , George , Alfred , Joseph , Hyrum , and Mary Ann . All wer e from Bradford. No other Wells are contained on the roster. Also sealed again on 11/22/1968 !Laborer , then a Gold, Silver, and Copper miner in Utah and Colorado, Pa ving Inspector , then a Paving Contractor in Illinois. 1880 Census - Salt Lake City, 20th Ward, Page 11, #1337, 6/5/1880. Joseph Wells, 26, Laborer, born in England Annie Wells, 22, born in England Annie Wells, 1, born in Utah !Worked various mines in Eastern Utah and Western Colorado. His daughter rec alled stories told by her father of Cripple Creek, Leadville, Idaho Springs, Central City, an d other towns in Colorado. Built the house with his son, Manuel. !Information taken from an envelope sent from Bingham Canyon, Utah. WELLS, Joseph (I16874)
120 !University of Glasgow 1787/1788 to 1790/1791; matriculated Balliol
College, Oxford 19 May 1791; BA 1795, MA 1798; vacated Snell Exhibition 1801.
Curate Darley Dale, Derbyshire, Vicar Ashby-de-la-Zouch 1799-1827, Vicar Luton 1827-1849 and Canon of Peterbrough 1831-1849; memorial at St Helen's, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, where prob buried 
McDOUALL, Revd Canon William (I30166)
121 !Wife had 6 Children - Unknown By which Marriage: Names; Clay, John, Mary, Joshua, Ada, & Ollie VANCE, Reuben (I30823)
122 !Will 1612 CALVERLEY, Robert (I30250)
123 !Will 30 Jul 1916 at Westendorf near Dorfmark, Germany; codicil 27 Feb 1917 and 3Oct 1921; see page 113 for meeting with Lord Kitchener in 'Orientations' by Sir Ronald Storrs, Nicholson and Watson 1943. Elevated to the position of Princess by Khedieval decree on 7 Nov 1908, her marriage having originally declared to be morganatic FREZET, (Alix) Marthe Louise (I30192)
124 !Witnesses were Gordon Tomkins, S.O. McDonald, R. Neil Campbell and Sarah E. Endle. Ceremony performed by S. Endle S.P.G. Assam Church Mission Family F11148
125 "1725. March 23. Died Mrs. - - Stanyan, wife of Temple Stanyan,
Esq., one of the Chief Clerks in the office of Secretary of
State." - _Historical Register._

"1726. April 28. Temple Stanyan, Esq., one of the Clerks of His
Majesty's most Hon. Privy Council, married to Mrs.
Pauncefort." - Ibid. 
STANYAN, Temple (I30147)
126 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F19838
127 "Buck"

On 1880 census, Cave twp, Sharp, Arkansas, listed as farmer. 
VANCE, Almos H. Buchanan (I23381)
128 "Bud" STINNETT, Blucher (I23373)
129 "Bud" is believed to be a nickname, not his actual given name, but this is not confirmed. WESSELS, Bud (I18625)
130 "Buryed Charity d/o Mr Richard Marchant and Charity his wife of Truley" MARCHANT, Charity (I20957)
131 "Daug of Thomas & Jane of Hickstead Twineham" Father's occ: Farmer's son.
Gravestone in Hurstpierpoint
Died at 9 years of age 19th December 1851from the upsetting of a dungcart 
MARCHANT, Eugenia (I21351)
132 "der Alchymist" .  Verweser der Mark until 1437.  He renounced his rights of succession on the death of his father.  Verweser von Bayreuth in 1440, to which he renounced his rights in 1457. of BRANDENBURG, John Margrave of Brandenburg (I20372)
133 "Doc" ALDRIDGE, Dexter (I23569)
134 "Docie" VANCE, Theodocia Ardenell ‘Docie’ (I23647)
135 "Dock"

27 Jun 1870 census, Eveningshade PO, Piney Fork Twp, Sharp Co., Arkansas, Washington Twp., Isaac Norman was a farmer, farm valued at $800, personal property valued at $348, he and wife can't read or write. 
NORMAN, Isaac (I23606)
136 "England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975," index HUBEN, William Hilton (I37452)
137 "England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975," index HUBIN, Jane (I37451)
138 "England Marriages, 1538–1973 ," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 13 Aug 2013), William Vaus and Marianne Lamkin, 09 Oct 1809. Family F28936
139 "England, Marriages, 1538–1973 ," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 03 Feb 2013), Thomas Vaus and Ann Graygoose, ; citing St. Botolph Algate, London, Englandst. Botolph Aldgate, London, England, reference yr 1754-1805; FHL microfilm 380130., Marriage of Vaus, Thomas and Greygoose, Ann, Aldgate, UK Family F28932
140 "England, Marriages, 1538–1973 ," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 03 Feb 2013), Patrick Vaus and Mary Frant, ; citing St. Dunstan In The West, London, England, reference yr 1645-1739; FHL microfilm 396196., Marriage of Vaus, Patrick and Frant, Mary, St Dunstans, Stepney, UK Family F28933
141 "England, Marriages, 1538–1973 ," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 03 Feb 2013), William Vaus and Marianne Lamkin, ; citing Shipbourne, Kent, England, reference ; FHL microfilm 1866581., Marriage of Vaus, William and Lamkin, Marianne, Shipbourne, UK Family F28936
142 "George Vance, aged 10y" is listed in the 1870 WV Census as residing with John & Margaret Sams- who are 'next' to Henry & Louisa Vance. The Sams appear to be his maternal grandparents.
Possibly not a son of Henry & Louisa.
He is not listed in the 1880 WV Census with his parents.

1900 VA Census; Alleghany Co., Covington
....George VANCE; Aug. 1859; born WV.......(is this the same person above listed) 
VANCE, George I\J. (I41139)
143 "Here lyeth the body of William Bond, Alderman and sometime Sheriff of London, a merchant adventurer, and most famous in his age for his great adventures both by sea and by land. Obit 30 die Maii, 1576." BOND, William (I18253)
144 "Jack"
Died in Tucker Prison, Arkansas, serving time for burglary and grand larceny. From Ivon Waddill 
LANE, Ira Madison (I23653)
145 "John G. Vance" is listed as a minor in the probate records for John W. Vance, dec'd.; Nodaway Co., MO

1900 IA Census; Dickinson Co., Westport; #0037
233/236: John Vance; July 1872; 27y; s; MO-Germ-Eng; farmer
Mary Merriam; sister; Jan 1868; 32y; wd; MO-Germ-Eng
Jenny G. Merriam; niece; Apl 1881; 12y; s; CO-Mass-MO
Betty F. Merriam; niece; Oct 1891; 8y; CO-Mass-MO

1915 IA State Census; Dickinson Co., Westport
John Vance; md; 42y; b. missouri; father/mother born IL; resident of IA for 35y

1920 IA Census; Dickinson Co., Wesport
60/60: John Vance; 49y; md; MO-OH-OH; farmer
Lucy Vance; wife; 36y; md; IA
Hattie B. Vance; dau; 15y; IA
Charles R. Vance; son; 9y; IA
William Kaufman; fil; 61y; wd; MD-Germ-MD

1925 Iowa State Census; Dickinson Co., Westport
24: John Vance; 55y; md
Lucy Vance; wife; 41y; md
Charley Vance; son; 14y;

1930 IA Census; Dickinson Co., Westport
88/90: John Vance; 59y; md; 37; MO-OH-OH; farmer
Lucy Vance; wife; 45y; md; 3?; IA-MD-NY
Charles R. Vance; son; 19y; IA
Earl Kaufmann; employee; 35y; IA 
VANCE, John G. (I42481)
146 "Lizzie"
believe she is in one of the Vistorian photos (framed)

"Mother Jeff" 
VANCE, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Holton (I30406)
147 "Lois is my mother , she told me that she was married to a young manin wash. when sh e was about 16 they had a boy .Her husband's name was Joe markus. Mother moved to California whereshe met my father . Ifound out that my mother and father didn't getmarried until1974. I guess he got into trouble with the law when hewas young. He was afraid that they would come and get him , so theyjust livied together. But what a great man he was you really don'tknow untilthey are gone. We movied to Ft. Bragg Ca. USA in1945 wheremy mother worked for Sears for 12 years. She went back to school. Sheloved to read and study. after my father died my mother movied in withmy wife and I. where she livied until she died. We loved her verymuch." LARSEN, Lois Heneritta (I31754)
148 "Longanlach" CAMPBELL, Sir Colin Lord of Lochow (I5244)
149 "lord of the mannor Cotton of Hall" COTTON, Sir Henry (I25035)
150 "Maggie Vance" is listed as a minor heir in the probate records of John W. Vance, dec'd; Nodaway Co., MO

Iowa Marriages 1809-1922; database
Sarah M. Vance (b 1876)
Frank S. Dean
md. 25 Dec 1896; Page Co., IA

1880 MO Census; Gentry Co., Athens
26/26: Charles Yates; 28y; md; laborer; IN
Nancy Yates; wife; 19y; md; IL-VA-IL
MAGGIE VANCE; sister; 4y; MO
CHARLES VANCE; brother; 14y;

1885 CO State Census; Boulder Co.
912/924: Charles YATES;; 34y; md; miner; OH
Nancy Yates; wife; 23y; md; housework; IL
Effie D. Yates: dau; 4y; MO
Ora Yates; son; 2y; MO
A. Hugh Yates; 2/12mos; CO
Mary J. Vance; 18y; boarder; scholar; MO-IL-IL
Maggie Vance; 8y; MO-IL-IL

1900 NB Census; Washington Co., Arlington
151/154: Frank Dean; Oct 1873; 26y; md-3; NB-PA-IN; farmer
Maggie S. Dean; wife; May 1876; 24y; md-3; 2/2; MO-PA-PA
Effie P. I. Dean; dau; Oct 1897; 2y; IA
Thomas J. Dean; son; 2/12mos; Mar 1900; NB

1910 NB Census; Boyd Co., Basin
Frank S. Dean; bil; 36y; mdx1=13; NB-PA-IN
Margarete S. Dean; sister; 32y; mdx1=13; 2/2; MO-OH-IL
Irine E. P. Dean; neice; 12y; IA
I----ttas M. Dean; nephew; 10y; NB

1920 NB Census; Thurston Co., Pender
266/266: Frank Dean; 46y; md; NB-PA-IN
Margaret Dean; 42y; md; MO-MO-MO

1930 CA Census; Los Angeles Co., Downey
712/160/160: Frank S. Dean; 55y; md; 23; NB-PA-IN; farm laborer, dairy
Margaret S. Dean; wife; 52y; md; 19y; MO-IL-OH; practical nurse 
VANCE, Maggie Sarah (I42468)

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