Kanawha Co., WV

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 BOSTIC, Bromwell  C 1856Kanawha Co., WV I42326 Vance family 
2 BOSTIC, Henrietta  1 Apr 1861Kanawha Co., WV I42329 Vance family 
3 BOSTIC, John F.  C 1861Kanawha Co., WV I42328 Vance family 
4 BOSTIC, Malinda  C 1858Kanawha Co., WV I42327 Vance family 
5 BOSTIC, Ruth A.  C 1866Kanawha Co., WV I42330 Vance family 
6 BOSTIC, Sarah M.  C 1868Kanawha Co., WV I42332 Vance family 
7 BOSTIC, William R.  6 Jun 1867Kanawha Co., WV I42331 Vance family 
8 CAVENDER, Hannah Ann  C 1857Kanawha Co., WV I42090 Vance family 
9 CHRISTOPHER, Bridget  C 1862Kanawha Co., WV I42320 Vance family 
10 CHRISTOPHER, John  C 1858Kanawha Co., WV I42318 Vance family 
11 CHRISTOPHER, Julia  C 1874Kanawha Co., WV I42323 Vance family 
12 CHRISTOPHER, Mary  C 1859Kanawha Co., WV I42319 Vance family 
13 CHRISTOPHER, Sarah  C 1867Kanawha Co., WV I42322 Vance family 
14 CHRISTOPHER, Thomas  C 1866Kanawha Co., WV I42321 Vance family 
15 CLENDENIN, Frances  31 Dec 1929Kanawha Co., WV I42248 Vance family 
16 CUNNINGHAM, Franklin Delano  1 Apr 1933Kanawha Co., WV I42234 Vance family 
17 JOPLIN, Cecil Wesley  14 Jul 1905Kanawha Co., WV I42106 Vance family 
18 JOPLIN, Emma F.  C 1901Kanawha Co., WV I42104 Vance family 
19 JOPLIN, Mamie A.  20 Mar 1907Kanawha Co., WV I42107 Vance family 
20 JOPLIN, William Theodore  19 Nov 1901Kanawha Co., WV I42105 Vance family 
21 JORDAN, David  Jun 1897Kanawha Co., WV I42131 Vance family 
22 JORDAN, John Clarkson  Aug 1893Kanawha Co., WV I42130 Vance family 
23 JORDAN, Lula J.  Sep 1899Kanawha Co., WV I42132 Vance family 
24 JORDAN, Mary E.  C 1902Kanawha Co., WV I42133 Vance family 
25 JORDAN, Robert  C 1907Kanawha Co., WV I42135 Vance family 
26 JORDAN, Theodore F.  C 1905Kanawha Co., WV I42134 Vance family 
27 SHAFFER, Abraham Johnson  Apr 1865Kanawha Co., WV I42685 Vance family 
28 SHAFFER, Annaliza  Apr 1894Kanawha Co., WV I42688 Vance family 
29 SHAFFER, Calvin McKinley  15 Feb 1898Kanawha Co., WV I42690 Vance family 
30 SHAFFER, David E.  Jan 1893Kanawha Co., WV I42682 Vance family 
31 SHAFFER, George Fleetwood  May 1896Kanawha Co., WV I42689 Vance family 
32 SHAFFER, Mamie D.  C 1904Kanawha Co., WV I42684 Vance family 
33 SHAFFER, Mary Susan  Feb 1891Kanawha Co., WV I42687 Vance family 
34 SHAFFER, Rebecca E.  Jun 1885Kanawha Co., WV I42686 Vance family 
35 SHAFFER, Romeo H.  May 1898Kanawha Co., WV I42683 Vance family 
36 SHAFFER, William A.  Nov 1882Kanawha Co., WV I42681 Vance family 
37 TAYLOR, Azander  Abt 1815Kanawha Co., WV I13895 Vance family 
38 VANCE, Adam  C 1869Kanawha Co., WV I41241 Vance family 
39 VANCE, Alma Opal  16 Jan 1913Kanawha Co., WV I41278 Vance family 
40 VANCE, Arch  C 1875Kanawha Co., WV I41249 Vance family 
41 VANCE, Arlus B.  29 Jul 1916Kanawha Co., WV I41279 Vance family 
42 VANCE, Avel  23 Jun 1905Kanawha Co., WV I42142 Vance family 
43 VANCE, Calvin Thomas  June 1864/65Kanawha Co., WV I41238 Vance family 
44 VANCE, Carrie  9 Apr 1884Kanawha Co., WV I28629 Vance family 
45 VANCE, Child  9 Apr 1874Kanawha Co., WV I42207 Vance family 
46 VANCE, Eddie  C 1874Kanawha Co., WV I41243 Vance family 
47 VANCE, Eliza Jane  Jan 1868Kanawha Co., WV I41240 Vance family 
48 VANCE, Ella Mae  10 May 1900Kanawha Co., WV I41375 Vance family 
49 VANCE, Ellen Agnes  28 Aug 1861Kanawha Co., WV I42527 Vance family 
50 VANCE, Elmer  Nov 1916Kanawha Co., WV I42200 Vance family 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS, Rose Ella  10 Aug 1969Kanawha Co., WV I42212 Vance family 
2 ARTHUR, Edna  13 Feb 1966Kanawha Co., WV I41269 Vance family 
3 BOSTIC, Lethia “Letty” Jane  30 Oct 1922Kanawha Co., WV I6457 Vance family 
4 BOSTIC, Lutecia Jane  28 Oct 1922Kanawha Co., WV I41224 Vance family 
5 CARNIFAX, Hettie Lorena  1 Mar 1943Kanawha Co., WV I42023 Vance family 
6 CARR, Minerva  17 Sep 1896Kanawha Co., WV I18405 Vance family 
7 CLENDENIN, Frances  31 Dec 1929Kanawha Co., WV I42248 Vance family 
8 CUNNINGHAM, Franklin Delano  9 Oct 1951Kanawha Co., WV I42234 Vance family 
9 EADS, Maxine Sue  28 Feb 2012Kanawha Co., WV I42263 Vance family 
10 EDMONDS, Marietta  21 Feb 1937Kanawha Co., WV I28743 Vance family 
11 FACEMYER, Matilda  13 Feb 1921Kanawha Co., WV I41257 Vance family 
12 GRIFFITH, Vernie Mae  29 May 1969Kanawha Co., WV I41391 Vance family 
13 JOPLIN, William Theodore  15 Jan 1967Kanawha Co., WV I42105 Vance family 
14 LAYNE, Betty Jane  24 Jan 1946Kanawha Co., WV I42241 Vance family 
15 NOTTINGHAM, Mary Susan  6 Feb 1971Kanawha Co., WV I41588 Vance family 
16 PHILLIPS, Katherine  21 Mar 1965Kanawha Co., WV I42143 Vance family 
17 RAY, William Preston  4 Mar 1957Kanawha Co., WV I42199 Vance family 
18 TAYLOR, Mary  17 Apr 1931Kanawha Co., WV I41965 Vance family 
19 VANCE, Adam  BY 1880Kanawha Co., WV I41241 Vance family 
20 VANCE, Albert Adam  29 Jul 1938Kanawha Co., WV I33666 Vance family 
21 VANCE, Alma Opal  8 Mar 2005Kanawha Co., WV I41278 Vance family 
22 VANCE, Avel  21 Nov 1935Kanawha Co., WV I42142 Vance family 
23 VANCE, Bertha Pearl  13 Oct 1940Kanawha Co., WV I42028 Vance family 
24 VANCE, Bobbie Lee  29 Aug 1931Kanawha Co., WV I42356 Vance family 
25 VANCE, Chapman Augustus  BTWN. 1900-1910Kanawha Co., WV I40824 Vance family 
26 VANCE, Chris Elihu  3 May 1937Kanawha Co., WV I41228 Vance family 
27 VANCE, Cora Edith  9 Nov 1962Kanawha Co., WV I42098 Vance family 
28 VANCE, Eddie  C 1889Kanawha Co., WV I41243 Vance family 
29 VANCE, Elijah L. ‘Bud’  2 Oct 1951Kanawha Co., WV I28742 Vance family 
30 VANCE, Eliza Jane  18 Aug 1942Kanawha Co., WV I41240 Vance family 
31 VANCE, Elizabeth  14 Apr 1911Kanawha Co., WV I40804 Vance family 
32 VANCE, Ella Mae  22 Jul 1971Kanawha Co., WV I41375 Vance family 
33 VANCE, Ellen Agnes  27 Jan 1931Kanawha Co., WV I42527 Vance family 
34 VANCE, Emmett  27 Nov 1957Kanawha Co., WV I41271 Vance family 
35 VANCE, Ernest Lee  25 Jun 2003Kanawha Co., WV I41381 Vance family 
36 VANCE, Frank Lee  12 Mar 1978Kanawha Co., WV I42140 Vance family 
37 VANCE, Henry Wesley  BY November 1907Kanawha Co., WV I40830 Vance family 
38 VANCE, James Henry  28 Jul 1951Kanawha Co., WV I33660 Vance family 
39 VANCE, Rev. Johnnie  18 Jun 2009Kanawha Co., WV I28737 Vance family 
40 VANCE, Larue Evans  17 Dec 1917Kanawha Co., WV I41227 Vance family 
41 VANCE, Laura Irene  1 Oct 1951Kanawha Co., WV I41382 Vance family 
42 VANCE, Lee Columbus  28 Dec 1959Kanawha Co., WV I41260 Vance family 
43 VANCE, Luther  27 Dec 1990Kanawha Co., WV I42139 Vance family 
44 VANCE, Malinda  3 May 1889Kanawha Co., WV I41242 Vance family 
45 VANCE, Margaret Eliza  7 May 1946Kanawha Co., WV I33669 Vance family 
46 VANCE, Mary Emmazetta  29 May 1953Kanawha Co., WV I41226 Vance family 
47 VANCE, Myrtle Helen  30 Jan 1970Kanawha Co., WV I41277 Vance family 
48 VANCE, Nancy Evelyn  15 May 1970Kanawha Co., WV I41276 Vance family 
49 VANCE, Nellie Julia  28 Dec 1948Kanawha Co., WV I42346 Vance family 
50 VANCE, Servitus  14 Dec 1949Kanawha Co., WV I41262 Vance family 

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Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 BOSTIC, Lethia “Letty” Jane  Kanawha Co., WV I6457 Vance family 
2 VANCE, Lewis Burdette  Kanawha Co., WV I25479 Vance family 
3 WENTZ, Mary "Polly"  Kanawha Co., WV I40174 Vance family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 VANCE, Albert Adam  15 June 1885/87Kanawha Co., WV I33666 Vance family 
2 VANCE, Estaline  Oct 1879Kanawha Co., WV I33665 Vance family 
3 VANCE, James Henry  Jan 1870Kanawha Co., WV I33660 Vance family 
4 VANCE, Margaret Eliza  24 Jun 1865Kanawha Co., WV I33669 Vance family 
5 VANCE, Margaret Eliza  Dec 1877Kanawha Co., WV I33669 Vance family 
6 VANCE, Virgie  1 May 1890Kanawha Co., WV I33668 Vance family 
7 VANCE, William  c Jan 1858/60Kanawha Co., WV I15855 Vance family 
8 VANCE, William M.  17 August 1866/72Kanawha Co., WV I41239 Vance family 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Burial   Person ID   Tree 
1 VANCE, Chris Elihu  Kanawha Co., WV I41228 Vance family 
2 VANCE, William M.  Kanawha Co., WV I41225 Vance family 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 VANCE, Chris Elihu  3 May 1967Kanawha Co., WV I41228 Vance family 
2 VANCE, Colombus M.  BTWN. 1890-1900Kanawha Co., WV I6448 Vance family 
3 VANCE, Margaret Eliza  22 Apr 1918Kanawha Co., WV I33669 Vance family 


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 CAVENDER / VANCE  31 Oct 1855Kanawha Co., WV F30066 Vance family 
2 VANCE / BOSTIC  5 Nov 1865Kanawha Co., WV F29851 Vance family 
3 DAWSON / VANCE  9 Dec 1866Kanawha Co., WV F29863 Vance family 
4 VANCE / BURDETT  2 Sep 1869Kanawha Co., WV F29854 Vance family 
5 JONES / VANCE  C 1874Kanawha Co., WV F30219 Vance family 
6 BROWN / VANCE  C 1876Kanawha Co., WV F30220 Vance family 
7 VANCE / CARR  31 Jan 1879Kanawha Co., WV F9872 Vance family 
8 SHAFFER / VANCE  24 Jul 1879Kanawha Co., WV F30184 Vance family 
9 VANCE / HUFFMAN  16 Apr 1887Kanawha Co., WV F30023 Vance family 
10 SHAFFER / VANCE  15 Mar 1889Kanawha Co., WV F30227 Vance family 
11 JORDAN / VANCE  30 Oct 1891Kanawha Co., WV F2233 Vance family 
12 VANCE / CARNES  24 Dec 1891Kanawha Co., WV F11445 Vance family 
13 VANCE / SMITH  25 Jun 1893Kanawha Co., WV F29860 Vance family 
14 VANCE / LANDERS  3 Feb 1895Kanawha Co., WV F30073 Vance family 
15 VANCE / MILLER  15 Apr 1896Kanawha Co., WV F30089 Vance family 
16 VANCE / JARRETT  14 Oct 1899Kanawha Co., WV F29908 Vance family 
17 JOPLIN / VANCE  C 1900Kanawha Co., WV F30068 Vance family 
18 COOPER / VANCE  29 Jun 1903Kanawha Co., WV F18931 Vance family 
19 YOUNG / VANCE  16 Oct 1903Kanawha Co., WV F30069 Vance family 
20 GRIFFITH / VANCE  24 Dec 1905Kanawha Co., WV F30070 Vance family 
21 VANCE / CARNIFAX  28 Nov 1908Kanawha Co., WV F30048 Vance family 
22 VANCE / FISHER  27 Oct 1909Kanawha Co., WV F29885 Vance family 
23 RAY / VANCE  28 Aug 1915Kanawha Co., WV F30086 Vance family 
24 WHEELER / VANCE  13 Dec 1917Kanawha Co., WV F30145 Vance family 
25 VANCE / THOMPSON  7 Jan 1918Kanawha Co., WV F29884 Vance family 
26 McCORMACK / VANCE  27 Feb 1918Kanawha Co., WV F30088 Vance family 
27 VANCE / CART  12 Dec 1919Kanawha Co., WV F30228 Vance family 
28 KING / VANCE  12 Jun 1920Kanawha Co., WV F30144 Vance family 
29 SLATER / VANCE  30 Oct 1920Kanawha Co., WV F30231 Vance family 
30 CLENDENIN / VANCE  6 Nov 1920Kanawha Co., WV F30103 Vance family 
31 CUNNINGHAM / VANCE  5 Dec 1921Kanawha Co., WV F30104 Vance family 
32 VANCE / RUST  6 May 1922Kanawha Co., WV F30037 Vance family 
33 CUNNINGHAM / VANCE  19 Feb 1924Kanawha Co., WV F30099 Vance family 
34 HOLLEY / VANCE  28 Jun 1927Kanawha Co., WV F11443 Vance family 
35 STIMPSON / VANCE  7 Jan 1944Kanawha Co., WV F30138 Vance family 
36 PARSONS / VANCE  1953Kanawha Co., WV F29947 Vance family 
37 VANCE / BONER  24 Nov 1956Kanawha Co., WV F30233 Vance family 

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