Champaign Co., OH

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 RUSSELL, Eliza Jane  12 May 1841Champaign Co., OH I20896 Vance family 
2 VANCE, Adam Prince  5 Aug 1827Champaign Co., OH I20889 Vance family 
3 VANCE, Albert (Bertie)  31 May 1880Champaign Co., OH I21598 Vance family 
4 VANCE, Alexander Franklin  26 Jan 1840Champaign Co., OH I2776 Vance family 
5 VANCE, Calvin Fletcher  7 Sep 1820Champaign Co., OH I16914 Vance family 
6 VANCE, Caroline (Carrie)  10 Jul 1874Champaign Co., OH I16953 Vance family 
7 VANCE, Donald Eugene  23 Nov 1907Champaign Co., OH I30052 Vance family 
8 VANCE, Duncan McArthur  16 Aug 1818Champaign Co., OH I2773 Vance family 
9 VANCE, Duncan McArthur  7 Jan 1842Champaign Co., OH I16935 Vance family 
10 VANCE, Edward Fyffe  31 Oct 1845Champaign Co., OH I16938 Vance family 
11 VANCE, Edward Orlando  12 Nov 1869Champaign Co., OH I16951 Vance family 
12 VANCE, Elizabeth Ann  10 Mar 1850Champaign Co., OH I16940 Vance family 
13 VANCE, Ella P  Jan 1854Champaign Co., OH I16602 Vance family 
14 VANCE, Emma A  Aug 1858Champaign Co., OH I16944 Vance family 
15 VANCE, Eudora  30 Oct 1851Champaign Co., OH I16941 Vance family 
16 VANCE, George G  5 Sep 1871Champaign Co., OH I16958 Vance family 
17 VANCE, Harold Clayton  6 Dec 1908Champaign Co., OH I30056 Vance family 
18 VANCE, Harriett (Hattie)  Feb 1873Champaign Co., OH I16952 Vance family 
19 VANCE, Harry  1862Champaign Co., OH I16955 Vance family 
20 VANCE, Henry Caldwell or Colwell  Sep 1858Champaign Co., OH I4268 Vance family 
21 VANCE, Jane  19 Oct 1819Champaign Co., OH I16927 Vance family 
22 VANCE, Jennie Corwin  5 Sep 1874Champaign Co., OH I16959 Vance family 
23 VANCE, Rev. John  29 Dec 1830Champaign Co., OH I20890 Vance family 
24 VANCE, John Marvin  Dec 1896Champaign Co., OH I4351 Vance family 
25 VANCE, John Wilson  18 Mar 1782Champaign Co., OH I2746 Vance family 
26 VANCE, Joseph MacArthur  22 Jan 1868Champaign Co., OH I16956 Vance family 
27 VANCE, Louisa Dell  30 Jun 1866Champaign Co., OH I16950 Vance family 
28 VANCE, Margaret Louisa  Jan 1900Champaign Co., OH I16960 Vance family 
29 VANCE, Mary  1 Mar 1824Champaign Co., OH I2755 Vance family 
30 VANCE, Mary  1860Champaign Co., OH I16946 Vance family 
31 VANCE, Mary Eliza  7 Jan 1844Champaign Co., OH I16551 Vance family 
32 VANCE, Mary Jane  1819Champaign Co., OH I16916 Vance family 
33 VANCE, Moses Baird  1804Champaign Co., OH I2769 Vance family 
34 VANCE, Nellie  Apr 1865Champaign Co., OH I16948 Vance family 
35 VANCE, Robert  1903Champaign Co., OH I16961 Vance family 
36 VANCE, William  3 Feb 1863Champaign Co., OH I16947 Vance family 
37 VANCE, William Ward  22 Apr 1836Champaign Co., OH I16933 Vance family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 VANCE, Adam Prince  11 Jul 1911Champaign Co., OH I20889 Vance family 
2 VANCE, Albert (Bertie)  16 Apr 1881Champaign Co., OH I21598 Vance family 
3 VANCE, Alexander Franklin  14 Jul 1920Champaign Co., OH I2776 Vance family 
4 VANCE, David  19 Dec 1816Champaign Co., OH I2572 Vance family 
5 VANCE, David  3 Aug 1823Champaign Co., OH I2756 Vance family 
6 VANCE, David Colville  5 Oct 1876Champaign Co., OH I20882 Vance family 
7 VANCE, Rev. David Colville  30 May 1900Champaign Co., OH I20893 Vance family 
8 VANCE, David M  22 Jul 1839Champaign Co., OH I2725 Vance family 
9 VANCE, Duncan McArthur  28 Feb 1887Champaign Co., OH I16935 Vance family 
10 VANCE, Edward Fyffe  10 Apr 1862Champaign Co., OH I16938 Vance family 
11 VANCE, Elizabeth Ann  30 Aug 1850Champaign Co., OH I16940 Vance family 
12 VANCE, Ephraim  27 Apr 1878Champaign Co., OH I2728 Vance family 
13 VANCE, Harold Clayton  11 Jun 1996Champaign Co., OH I30056 Vance family 
14 VANCE, Henry Caldwell or Colwell  27 Feb 1941Champaign Co., OH I4268 Vance family 
15 VANCE, James Henry  9 May 1904Champaign Co., OH I27508 Vance family 
16 VANCE, Jane (Jannett)  22 Jul 1842Champaign Co., OH I2510 Vance family 
17 VANCE, Jannette  29 Jan 1869Champaign Co., OH I2758 Vance family 
18 VANCE, Mary Eliza  17 Apr 1888Champaign Co., OH I16551 Vance family 
19 VANCE, Moses Baird  19 Aug 1870Champaign Co., OH I2769 Vance family 
20 VANCE, William  13 Dec 1850Champaign Co., OH I20894 Vance family 
21 VANCE, William  11 Sep 1866Champaign Co., OH I2763 Vance family 
22 VANCE, William Ward  17 Apr 1896Champaign Co., OH I16933 Vance family 
23 WARD, Mary Rebecca  15 Mar 1906Champaign Co., OH I2780 Vance family 
24 WILSON, Sarah  1847Champaign Co., OH I2745 Vance family 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 VANCE, Harold Clayton  Champaign Co., OH I30056 Vance family 
2 VANCE, William Simpson  Champaign Co., OH I18390 Vance family 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 VANCE, John Corwin  10 Feb 1838Champaign Co., OH I4273 Vance family 
2 VANCE, John Corwin  1855Champaign Co., OH I4273 Vance family 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 VANCE / RUNYON  22 Feb 1806Champaign Co., OH F1091 Vance family 
2 VANCE / LEMON  6 Sep 1808Champaign Co., OH F1086 Vance family 
3 TAYLOR / VANCE  9 Feb 1809Champaign Co., OH F1092 Vance family 
4 VANCE / WILSON  27 Mar 1817Champaign Co., OH F1077 Vance family 
5 VANCE / PHIFER  15 Nov 1838Champaign Co., OH F1094 Vance family 
6 VANCE / JAMIESON  24 Dec 1839Champaign Co., OH F12497 Vance family 
7 CORWIN / VANCE  26 Oct 1841Champaign Co., OH F1090 Vance family 
8 TALBOTT / VANCE  21 May 1845Champaign Co., OH F12500 Vance family 
9 VANCE / MALIN  3 Oct 1854Champaign Co., OH F15362 Vance family 
10 VANCE / LEMMON  8 Oct 1857Champaign Co., OH F12512 Vance family 
11 VANCE / PATRICK  11 Nov 1860Champaign Co., OH F4713 Vance family 
12 WOODS / VANCE  13 Aug 1867Champaign Co., OH F12220 Vance family 
13 VANCE / JAMISON  18 Feb 1868Champaign Co., OH F1098 Vance family 
14 BERRY / VANCE  21 Apr 1874Champaign Co., OH F12517 Vance family 
15 VANCE /   Aug 1885Champaign Co., OH F12514 Vance family 
16 VANCE /   Abt 1894Champaign Co., OH F1590 Vance family 
17 BRAND / VANCE  24 Oct 1894Champaign Co., OH F1099 Vance family 

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