Mitchell Co., NC

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Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 ALDRIDGE, Emma  5 Nov 1862Mitchell Co., NC I5615 Vance family 
2 BONDS, Amy  Mitchell Co., NC I1140 Vance family 
3 BONDS, Donald  Mitchell Co., NC I1139 Vance family 
4 CARPENTER, Chelsey Luther  8 Mar 1897Mitchell Co., NC I30250 Vance family 
5 CARPENTER, Zoda Allen  1906Mitchell Co., NC I30220 Vance family 
6 CLARK, Burgess 'Bud' Alfonzo  Oct 1877Mitchell Co., NC I30216 Vance family 
7 CLARK, Omar R.  1902Mitchell Co., NC I30212 Vance family 
8 CLARK, Onard  12 Mar 1910Mitchell Co., NC I30259 Vance family 
9 CLARK, Otis 'Otie'  1907Mitchell Co., NC I30211 Vance family 
10 DENNIS, John  Mitchell Co., NC I1141 Vance family 
11 MACE, Elizabeth  1873Mitchell Co., NC I1127 Vance family 
12 MACE, Luda  21 Aug 1867Mitchell Co., NC I1124 Vance family 
13 MACE, Luther  1869Mitchell Co., NC I1125 Vance family 
14 MACE, Maggie  Nov 1879Mitchell Co., NC I1114 Vance family 
15 MACE, Margaret  1897Mitchell Co., NC I1128 Vance family 
16 MACE, Robert Braxton  9 Mar 1865Mitchell Co., NC I1117 Vance family 
17 MACE, Thomas  1871Mitchell Co., NC I1126 Vance family 
18 PYATTE, Della  Dec 1886Mitchell Co., NC I9194 Vance family 
19 SHOOK, Emma  Dec 1902Mitchell Co., NC I30252 Vance family 
20 VANCE, Arthur 'Nin' P.  Apr 1883Mitchell Co., NC I9195 Vance family 
21 VANCE, Arthur Blake  11 Apr 1880Mitchell Co., NC I5610 Vance family 
22 VANCE, Bettie Mae  14 Jan 1884Mitchell Co., NC I32404 Vance family 
23 VANCE, Charles R.  11 Nov 1888Mitchell Co., NC I30183 Vance family 
24 VANCE, Elmira Magnolia  1872Mitchell Co., NC I1099 Vance family 
25 VANCE, Ensley E.  8 Mar 1910Mitchell Co., NC I35010 Vance family 
26 VANCE, Harnett  Abt 1857Mitchell Co., NC I12469 Vance family 
27 VANCE, J. Burnie  9 Mar 1877Mitchell Co., NC I4722 Vance family 
28 VANCE, Jeanette 'Nettie' Jane  26 Feb 1883Mitchell Co., NC I30221 Vance family 
29 VANCE, John L  Abt 1866Mitchell Co., NC I12472 Vance family 
30 VANCE, Julie  1869Mitchell Co., NC I30230 Vance family 
31 VANCE, Martin Brown  27 Mar 1890Mitchell Co., NC I5614 Vance family 
32 VANCE, Richard Melvin  15 May 1863Mitchell Co., NC I5611 Vance family 
33 VANCE, William Edward  5 Nov 1885Mitchell Co., NC I6766 Vance family 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 ?, Deely  Aft 1900Mitchell Co., NC I9196 Vance family 
2 CARPENTER, Francis Matilda 'Tildy'  23 Jun 1903Mitchell Co., NC I30219 Vance family 
3 CARPENTER, William  Between 1910 and 1920Mitchell Co., NC I30229 Vance family 
4 JOHNSON, John  22 Jul 1895Mitchell Co., NC I12466 Vance family 
5 PHILLIPS, Mary Elizabeth  5 Aug 1923Mitchell Co., NC I1095 Vance family 
6 PYATTE, Della  Aft 1900Mitchell Co., NC I9194 Vance family 
7 SIZEMORE, Lucinda  16 Sep 1884Mitchell Co., NC I6780 Vance family 
8 VANCE, Barbara  21 Jun 1907Mitchell Co., NC I12463 Vance family 
9 VANCE, Ervin  Aft 1910Mitchell Co., NC I30248 Vance family 
10 VANCE, Father of Arthur & Martin  Bef 1900Mitchell Co., NC I9197 Vance family 
11 VANCE, Julie  Between 1910 and 1920Mitchell Co., NC I30230 Vance family 
12 VANCE, Susan  Aft 1910Mitchell Co., NC I30246 Vance family 
13 VANCE, Tilman  8 Jun 1880Mitchell Co., NC I1130 Vance family 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 BUCHANAN, Pearl  Mitchell Co., NC I33216 Vance family 
2 SHUFORD, Martha  Mitchell Co., NC I27699 Vance family 
3 VANCE, Robert Dayton  Mitchell Co., NC I22220 Vance family 
4 VANCE, Roy Quinton  Mitchell Co., NC I28704 Vance family 
5 VANCE, Samuel Carson  Mitchell Co., NC I22244 Vance family 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Burial   Person ID   Tree 
1 FRANKLIN, Elizabeth "Betsy"  Aft 3 Oct 1873Mitchell Co., NC I2392 Vance family 


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Census   Person ID   Tree 
1 ?, Deely  1900Mitchell Co., NC I9196 Vance family 
2 CARPENTER, Francis Matilda 'Tildy'  1870Mitchell Co., NC I30219 Vance family 
3 CARPENTER, Francis Matilda 'Tildy'  1880Mitchell Co., NC I30219 Vance family 
4 CARPENTER, Francis Matilda 'Tildy'  22 Jun 1900Mitchell Co., NC I30219 Vance family 
5 CARPENTER, William  1910Mitchell Co., NC I30229 Vance family 
6 CLARK, Burgess 'Bud' Alfonzo  1910Mitchell Co., NC I30216 Vance family 
7 CLARK, Jack  1880Mitchell Co., NC I5612 Vance family 
8 CLARK, Jack  1880Mitchell Co., NC I1101 Vance family 
9 CLARK, Jack  1900Mitchell Co., NC I5612 Vance family 
10 CLARK, Jack  1900Mitchell Co., NC I1101 Vance family 
11 CLARK, Jack  1910Mitchell Co., NC I5612 Vance family 
12 CLARK, Jack  1910Mitchell Co., NC I1101 Vance family 
13 JOHNSON, John  23 Aug 1870Mitchell Co., NC I12466 Vance family 
14 JOHNSON, John  1880Mitchell Co., NC I12466 Vance family 
15 PYATTE, Della  1900Mitchell Co., NC I9194 Vance family 
16 VANCE, Barbara  1870Mitchell Co., NC I12463 Vance family 
17 VANCE, Fleming D.  1870Mitchell Co., NC I12465 Vance family 
18 VANCE, Fleming D.  1880Mitchell Co., NC I12465 Vance family 
19 VANCE, John  1870Mitchell Co., NC I213 Vance family 
20 VANCE, John  1880Mitchell Co., NC I213 Vance family 
21 VANCE, John  1900Mitchell Co., NC I213 Vance family 
22 VANCE, Marion  1910Mitchell Co., NC I12473 Vance family 
23 VANCE, William 'Billy'  1880Mitchell Co., NC I2391 Vance family 
24 VANCE, William 'Billy'  1890Mitchell Co., NC I2391 Vance family 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 DAVIS, Elizabeth  10 Oct 1873Mitchell Co., NC I217 Vance family 
2 FRANKLIN, Elizabeth "Betsy"  3 Oct 1873Mitchell Co., NC I2392 Vance family 
3 ISAACS, Lilly Ann  Between 1890 and 1900Mitchell Co., NC I214 Vance family 
4 VANCE, Fleming D.  Aft 1880Mitchell Co., NC I12465 Vance family 
5 VANCE, John  Between 1900 and 1910Mitchell Co., NC I213 Vance family 
6 VANCE, John Wesley  Between 1860 and 1880Mitchell Co., NC I215 Vance family 
7 VANCE, Tilman  8 Jun 1880Mitchell Co., NC I1130 Vance family 
8 VANCE, William 'Billy'  Aft 22 Jun 1900Mitchell Co., NC I2391 Vance family 


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 VANCE / ISAACS  Abt 1868Mitchell Co., NC F125 Vance family 
2 VANCE / McCURRY  28 Mar 1876Mitchell Co., NC F441 Vance family 
3 VANCE / CARPENTER  15 Apr 1877Mitchell Co., NC F22132 Vance family 
4 VANCE / HARTLEY  24 Dec 1881Mitchell Co., NC F2317 Vance family 
5 VANCE / ?  Abt 1882Mitchell Co., NC F3102 Vance family 
6 CARPENTER / VANCE  1887Mitchell Co., NC F22143 Vance family 
7 VANCE / WISE  Abt 1891Mitchell Co., NC F22145 Vance family 
8 CLARK / VANCE  1901Mitchell Co., NC F22123 Vance family 
9 VANCE / VANCE  1908Mitchell Co., NC F22146 Vance family 
10 VANCE / WISE  Abt 1911Mitchell Co., NC F22134 Vance family 

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